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Prairie dogs at Zoo Boise.

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This year, Zoo Boise is offering a bunch of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

“At Zoo Boise we love wild animals and wild places,” Zoo Boise spokesperson Jeff Agosta said, “and we’re excited that this year people can give a gift that’s as wild as their love.”  

The gifts people can buy also really help out the zoo; it’s a literal vortex of love. This year the organization has four different options for people, and the Zootique Gift Shop is available to anyone, even without an admission ticket. People can also shop online at

For starters, people can name a Madagascar hissing cockroach for $10. The name, once approved by staff, will be added to the zoo's website, and buyers will be sent a certificate via email. Other zoos have participated in this type of event and it’s often negative — people like naming a cockroach after an ex, but at Zoo Boise there’s a more positive approach.  

“They have a purpose and deserve love just like anything else,” said Agosta, “and the rumor is they can survive anything, and people can celebrate that just like a cockroach, their love will survive anything.” 

People can also buy a special lion adoption pack. It helps the zoo provide animal care, enrichment and training. For $85 that includes a lion stuffed animal, a handmade reusable bag, chocolate, an adoption packet and a wooden plaque to decorate that will display near the lion exhibit for a year. 

Zoo Boise also has memberships available that start at $50. For those looking to give a legacy gift, the zoo is offering zoo tiles people can buy that will show their names on the side of the gibbon exhibit.  

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