COVID-19 supplies

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As the coronavirus makes its way through Idaho, people have been looking for comprehensive information about the state of their communities. People want and need to know where they can get groceries, find out if there are infections in their neighborhood and what businesses are open. Idaho Mutual Aid Group was founded to connect people to the information they need.

“We are in over 100 cities now,” said founder and CEO of Campaign Greenhouse Sally Boynton Brown. “The app is very helpful but the only way it works is if people work it. We really need people to use it in order for it to be beneficial.”

The group partnered with Democracy Labs to create an app that has all the information in one place. People can join through Facebook and there is now an app ready for use on March 24.

“I knew what was coming so I got our family settled and thought now what, and how can I help,” said Brown.

She was worried about underserved communities and connecting people to what they need so she started the Facebook group. It started as a way to get the word out about where supplies could be found, but quickly morphed into something bigger. Brown said the group now directs people to join the sub-groups so they can connect to the best place for information.

“We have 50 people in our admin team and now we have 28 sub-groups around the state,” said Brown. “At first we were just seeing supplies concern, but we thought it would be a powerful tool for people to self-report symptoms and also start sharing what businesses are closed or open.”

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