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January 27

2300 block of W. State St.- A vehicle's driver-side window broken and a stereo is removed.

100 block of Adze Lane- A vehicle's window is broken, and a Pioneer XM Satellite radio and Makita Cordless drill are stolen.

6700 block of W. Overland Road- An Alpine XM mp3 stereo deck, Rockford Phosgate Speaker and subwoofer, an LA Sound amplifier and other items are taken from a vehicle. That was a bitchin' setup, dude. We'll pour a little out for you.

January 28

2200 block of W. Idaho St.- A vehicle's passenger-side window is shattered, a dog leash, sunglasses and stereo are stolen. Looks like somebody is getting ready to shoot a new Spuds Mackenzie video.

5100 block of Morris Hill Road- A thief attempts to steal a car's tactometer, but is unsuccessful. You could almost say he left tact-lessly.

January 29

2900 block of Lake Harbor Dr.- A vehicle's window is broken and numerous personal items are stolen.

2900 block of Maywood Ct.- A thief strolls casually into a home and takes a Fossil watch.

January 30

5500 block of Cassia St.- An RC Willey brand stereo system is stolen from a car.

January 31

800 block of N. Curtis Road- A vehicle's window is broken, and a Pioneer Stereo, digital camera, sunglasses and 195 CDs are stolen.

3100 block of W. Lamplighter St.- From an unlocked vehicle, a Sony AM/FM cassette player is removed. After discovering this, thief is very disappointed with his choice of car.

6200 block of Baltic Point- A car's stereo is taken.

February 1

100 block of N. Liberty St.- A car's back and side windows are shattered and all four tires are slashed. A CD case with 106 CDs is stolen.

1400 block of Maple Grove road- Through a shattered car window, personal items are stolen.

3400 block of Message Way- An unlocked car is easily entered and a radar detector and faceplate are stolen.

February 2

100 block of E. Bridgewater Ct.- From an unlocked car, a Smith and Wesson titanium 2-inch .38 caliber pistol, holster and binoculars are stolen.

Fun Facts

This week's most popular items: Twelve car stereos, two stereo faceplates, One large-caliber handgun, one steering wheel horn cover and an unspecified amount of alcohol. Out of 28 vehicle burglaries, 13 involved a thief breaking a car window.

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