There's no question that the advent of COVID-19 has already had a dramatic effect on Idaho's economy. One barometer of the situation came the afternoon of March 26, when the Idaho Department of Labor announced unemployment insurance claims skyrocketed compared to the previous week.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little announced Wednesday that he was declaring another, more severe state of emergency as well as a “Shelter in Place” order, which asks that all Idahoans, with the exception of people with “essential” jobs, to stay where they are and only go out for necessities.

Governor Brad Little took a sharp turn on his approach to dealing with the spread of COVID-19. On March 23, Little said it was up to cities to decide whether to close bars and restaurants, citing a need for individual cities to make their own decisions. However, Little announced Wednesday, M…

The full scope of economic impacts of COVID-19 is impossible to predict. For Idaho agricultural industries, however, the impact hits harder at the stock market than it does at the grocery store.

Facing down a global pandemic is a frightening prospect. It’s even more so for the more vulnerable populations, especially those who don’t have a home where they can go into isolation.

Following the trend of a number of local organizations, the Idaho Youth Ranch is finding ways to serve its clients while maintaining social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a disease caused by novel coronavirus. The organization now offers video-based counseling to clients in lieu…

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