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The Record Exchange Takes the Lead

For the foreseeable future, people will spend more time in the virtual world, and the Record Exchange has taken an active role in keeping music lovers engaged. From online shopping to music steaming and screenings on social media, the store has been a pioneer when it comes to connecting people to music.

“We are so appreciative of music lovers that are still shopping with us and not the big beast Amazon,” said Marketing and Promotions Director Chad Dryden. “We miss the people and the music, but we aren’t going to prematurely open. First and foremost, we’re thinking of safety.”

The record store still sells through its website, Discogs and Ebay stores, but beyond buying and selling, it has established itself as a hub for the music scene, putting out a call to local musicians and asking them to share live streams and videos to be put on its Facebook page. It is also hosting online screenings of the documentaries Vinyl Nation and the Other Music Documentary to celebrate Record Store Day, Friday-Sunday, April 17-19. In addition, there will be an online tribute concert for music legend and COVID-19 victim John Prine on Sunday, April 19, at 1 p.m.

Vinyl Nation decided in the absence of places to be screened to host online screenings, and each store has their own link to get proceeds,” said Dryden. “They made the movie because they love record stores and now they’re showing us the love.”

The makers of Vinyl Nation are giving donating all the proceeds to local record stores and the makers of Other Music Documentary are donating half. Tickets are available on The Record Exchange’s Facebook page.

The store employees have also collectively mourned the death of John Prine due to COVID-19, and have coordinated a tribute show. All the artists participating are local and so far they have more than 20 performers scheduled. The store has included links to virtual tip jars so people can donate to the artists.

In the past, these in-store concerts have rocked and people filled the entire store. Although this show is virtual, there’s no reason it won’t be just as raucous.

“Everybody on staff are Prine fans; he was an American legend,” said Dryden. “We already have 10 performers. They each play one song, send us the video, and we’ll post them on Facebook the day of the event.”

—Tracy Bringhurst

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