Treefort Music Fest Main Stage

Treefort is back!

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For those who want to invest in Treefort Music Fest, time is of the essence. This round of investment opportunities closes March 31.

"Treefort is more than a music festival! An investment in Treefort’s recovery will be amplified across Boise’s creative ecosystem and broader economy for years to come," the festival said in a press release.

Over 680 people have already invested. Benefits include: early access to tickets at Treefort, the donors name put on the website, a sticker, the ability to vote on some artist selections and discounted pricing.

More than just music, Treefort is a community in its own right. The festival has grown exponentially over the years and has become an important part of Boise's economic and cultural personality.

People who want to invest can go to or for more information.

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