Treefort nostalgia is not just for its patrons, but its artists, too. Boise collaborative arts group LED has just released an album for the project, Artificial Flowers, which it performed at the festival in 2018.

“We created a work for Treefort,” said Abaya. “We performed this work five times in one evening during Treefort 2018, and performed it twice more in September 2018 at the Egyptian Theatre.”

Artificial Flowers is a conceptual piece LED created with help from a grant of the same name from Boise City Department of Arts & History. Some songs have a hip-hop influence, while others are more pop. The whole album is an experience, a bit like listening to Weens’ Pure Guava.

LED is a non-profit arts organization founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife duo dancer Lauren Edson and musician/composer Andrew Stensaas. It combines contemporary dance, original music and film to create high-energy multi-media experiences. They also have a variety of dancers, musicians, designers and technicians that work with the group on different projects.

“We’ve never released the music until now,” said LED’s program director Angel Abaya. “We wanted to share it as a holiday gift this year. We plan to master the tracks and release the official album soon.”

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