Magic Sword

An outbreak of coronavirus forced Magic Sword to tap the brakes on its European tour slated for June, but that won’t hinder the band from releasing its new album, Endless.

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Behold multiverse! The immortals from Magic Sword are set to release a new album. The Boise-based fantasy rock/synth band first debuted in 2013 with the release of Volume 1. It subsequently sold out, was picked up by the label Tender Loving Empire, and officially released to favorable reviews. The new album has been a few years in the making, and marks an end to this part of the Magic Sword story.

“This album represents the final chapter and completes the cycle of the story,” said The Keeper. “It’s just an ending, not the ending, it is a closed chapter.”

Magic Sword's members keep their identities hidden, and instead go by names like The Keeper of the Magic Sword (keyboards), The Seer of All Truths (guitar) and The Weaver of All Hearts and Souls (drums). The new album Endless, put out by Joyful Noise Recordings, will be released on Friday, March 27.

Magic Sword's music is an immersive experience. It comes complete with ever-changing performance elements and spectacular visuals. Graphic novels illustrated by Shay Plummer accompany its albums; they tell the story of the immortals on their quest for the Chosen One who can wield the Magic Sword and defeat the Dark One, thus restoring balance to the universe.

“In the beginning, we just write music that feels a certain way and then we take the story into account,” said The Keeper. “For the most part, Shay and I figure out the story then we line it out like a storyboard and put it together. The whole story is cyclical.”

Endless depicts a new quest where the immortals believe they have found the Chosen One, the "prophesied being" who, once found, ends the immortals' quest. The Keeper said Endless will have a similar feel to previous albums, though it has been more of a group effort on the part of the band that incorporates new ideas.

“This record is different. In the past I wrote most of the music, this is the first time we wrote it all together,” said The Keeper. “It’s a little of the same but with a lot of different sounds and left turns.”

The band eschews vocals, preferring its signature brand of synth-shred-rock that’s always a little reminiscent of ‘80s synth soundtrack music (think Blade Runner). The sound creates a sense of nostalgia that perfumes the in-your-face heavy riffs laid down by The Seer. In the beginning it was just synth and guitar, but even from the get-go, there was a desire to turn Magic Sword into a full band. As its music grew, the band incorporated drums with The Weaver.

The music stands on its own, and adding high-concept art and stage presence have made Magic Sword successful. It has been recognized nationally, having two songs featured in the video game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and a song in the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Maintaining the feel of the music is important to the band.

“It all started out with having a huge passion for synth movie soundtracks and then moving forward I draw from other inspiration as well,” said The Keeper. “I listened to a lot of Toto when making this record, I wonder if people will hear that.”

As for the tour following the release, everything is still a bit up in the air after Treefort announced it would postpone its 2020 festival amid an outbreak of COVID-19. Such developments have thrown a wrench in Magic Sword's European tour slated for June, as well. However, the tour will eventually be back on and fans can expect something new and different.

“I’ve seen a lot of bands come through Boise and their show is always the same, we want it different every time and we try not to play a lot of shows in Boise and burn people out,” said The Keeper. “The majority of our live sets will be off the new record, this will be all new music being performed.”

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