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Beautiful things can come out of hard times and sometimes when people are faced with struggle they produce art that reflects that particular challenge. Angel Abaya is a musician, singer/songwriter and Program Director at LED who received a grant from the COVID Cultural Commissioning Fund, and with it, she’s made an EP titled Quaranmood.

“I had been working on an album and the pandemic was super inspiring to how I was feeling,” said Abaya. “Getting the fund changed my scope. It gave me the idea to separate the songs that are all about my feelings during the pandemic and to make a short film.”

Quaranmood consists of three songs that go through the moods Abaya had during the beginning of the pandemic and is accompanied by a video film that encompasses all three. The film will debut along with others at the CCC artists showcase at KIN on Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m. and it will be released on all music platforms via Earth Libraries on Friday, Oct. 16.

The indie-pop EP starts with the song “Haute Hermit” that’s about the beginning of the pandemic. Abaya said it felt like she had a lot of different emotions from feeling stir-crazy, to being happy about being at home, but also feeling some cabin fever because of the isolation.

The second song “Facial Therapy” is about really feeling the loneliness and isolation. Abaya said part of her enjoyed that phase, but that the song also examines the idea that social distancing isn’t just about health but also emotional distancing. The third song, titled “No Ill Will,” is about acceptance.

“It’s about the life and death that’s happening constantly,” said Abaya. “It’s an all-encompassing song, the first line is ‘We take the dead from morning to night.’”

The video that accompanies the EP was filmed at the home Abaya stayed in during the first two months of quarantine. She said it’s like “a time capsule.” It shows Abaya alone in her house going through the daily motions and although all three songs are catchy and enjoyable to listen to, the theme is also deeply resonating because it’s about feelings that many people probably felt at the onset of COVID-19.

Abaya is also working on a full album that should be released in 2021.

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