SPLIT. Oruã and Disco Doom

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Oruã from Brazil and Disco Doom from Switzerland, two bands that have toured with local act Built to Spill, are releasing a split single. The collaboration is a labor of love between the two bands that ties together their two unique sounds and highlights the way music can connect people from anywhere in the world.

“After the 2019 tour with BTS, I got in touch with Disco Doom and we put together the project of making a split, giving birth to ‘Esmeralda Destiny Analysis,’” wrote Lê Almeida, the creator of Oruã, in a press release. “[The split is] a simple way of eternalizing a demonstration of affection and admiration.”

The split single releases Friday, July 17, a partnership between Almeida’s label Transfusão Noise Records and Defer Records, which is associated with Disco Doom. It’s entitled "Esmeralda Destiny Analysis," and begins with Disco Doom's single "Kollaps Korrekt" and ends with Oruã's song "Diamante Nasce."

The two bands met when Oruã toured Europe in 2019 with Built to Spill. Almieda and Disco Doom's Gabriele De Mario discovered they shared a love of the bands Kiss and Guided By Voices. The two bands share a fondness for experimentation, indie-rock and collage.

“We are in the lucky position to often meet people from other cultures and to exchange and share experiences,” wrote Anita Rufer and Gabriele De Mario of Disco Doom in a press release. “This makes us realize again and again how close we are to each other.”

Oruã and Disco Doom both have their own unique styles, but both rock very hard and eschew labels, preferring to explore many different musical genres and experiment with new sounds. "Kollaps Korrekt" begins a bit softer and works into a cacophony of sounds. "Diamante Nasce" is a longer song that has a bit of a dreamy sound to it and nicely accompanies Almieda's voice.

"Esmeralda Destiny Analysis" will be available on Bandcamp and other major streaming services.

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