Local musician Angel Abaya.

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Local musician Angel Abaya is only 24 but she is involved in many projects. This multifaceted artist is busy and has some shows coming up that people might want to check out. She’s currently mixing her debut album titled “The Bubble,” and released a video with the title track in March.

“Earlier this year, I was planning to release that album but once I got into rehearsals with the band I’d put together, my need for authenticity pulled me back to [what I call], The Bubble, back to the reality that I am creating with my own two hands and that feels more sincere than any other work I’ve conceived,” said Abaya. “I am inspired to share that world with people in the most stimulating and profound way possible.”

Abaya is also playing some upcoming shows with her band and McKenna Esteb, at KIN on Saturday at 6:30 p.m., free, and at Ironwood Social with WEND and McKenna Esteb for $5 on July 8 at 8 p.m. People can find more information on her Facebook and Instagram pages. The full album is slated to release later this year.

Beyond music, Abaya is also the program director at local multi-media arts collective LED, a local art advocate and has performed in other numerous local bands. She’s collaborated with artists like Kathleen Williams, Stunned, and Ryan Peck and performed with the funky pop band Electric Coconut, jazz group Angel Food and local all-girl cover band Purring Mantis.

“My work recently has been very focused on authenticity. I am demanding ingenuity from myself, my music, and my surroundings,” said Abaya. “ If something does not feel warm, I do not seek to heat it up; I simply cannot have stagnant or cold energy in my life, and this seeps its way into my music.”

Her solo project, started in 2019, is under her own name and she’s had several performances, opening for Y La Bamba at Idaho Botanical Garden and Miya Folick at The Shredder. Abaya also released an EP called Quaranmood on Earth Libraries.

Now she’s put together an amazing band of local musicians:

  • • Dylan Eller on guitar, plays with Mr. Grant Olsen, The Simplots + used to lead the band Regular Sounds
  • • Joe Steiner on drums, plays with LED, Andrew Sheppard Band + previously served on the United States Navy band
  • • Matt Fabbi on bass, plays with Jeff Crosby & The Refugees + has played with LED, Afrosonics
  • • Nick Archibald on synths, plays with LED, Wend, Cigarette Speedway, The Weary Times + has played in dozens of bands like Preakedness, Electric Coconut and the Andrew Sheppard Band

Abaya’s sound is worth checking out. It’s fun music that’s really tight sounding but also spacey and fun. The music highlights her ability as a musician, it’s hard to stay in your seat. The musicians play well together and it creates a feeling of togetherness.

“I ask my bandmates to show up true-to-self in the music I’m presenting to them, my upcoming album titled The Bubble,” said Abaya. “I started writing this album last fall, after spending much of the previous couple years writing a pop album full of plastic intricacies, a world I had created that did not live in reality, but a world that maybe slipped away, or never existed in the first place.”

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