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Local Band Cigarette Speedway Drops New Album

Cigarette Speedway is a pretty cool name for a band. The members say it’s the kind of band they all wanted to be in when they were 14 and that the sound is reminiscent of going out for a night of skating and trashing stuff.

“I used to live in Portland and when I would drive home from work I always passed a gas station called the Speedway, and they had cigarette ads in front,” said singer Nick Mustard. “It stuck in my mind, and now the station is closed and I just look creative.”

The band’s debut album is called You’ve Already Lost and was released on June 26. The EP has six songs and is available from Earth Libraries on 7” vinyl or cassette, as well as on most streaming platforms.

Cigarette Speedway is Mustard on guitar, song writing and vocals, Rob Landerman on bass, Devin Mccomas on guitar and Nick Archibald on drums. The band is only about a year old, and got its start recording in January for about four days, but had been writing songs for about six months prior.

Mustard said without shows and promotion, because of the pandemic, the experience had the feel of cutting an album in high school.

“That was a good feeling because you don’t have to worry about publicity or promotion or any of the stuff that sucks the fun out of it,” said Mustard.

You’ve Already Lost is a collection of songs that, according to the band, are all about things that are kind of a bummer. However, the album is anything but, and Cigarette Speedway has a sound that’s reminiscent of punk, but is also a bit more melodic and light. Mustard’s vocals and the music complement each other and the album is fun to listen to without coming off as too cheesy.

“When I was 14 I liked Nirvana and The Monkees,” said Mustard. “Now that I’m 38 I still like Nirvana and The Monkees so the band sounds a like Nirvana playing The Monkees.”

— Tracy Bringhurst

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