Frank Tillo

Frank Tillo’s EP was released May 8.

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Frank Tillo is “Sick of the Suck”

Frank Tillo of former Boise band Thick Business just released his first solo EP. It’s his first attempt at creating music on his own, although there are a lot of other local musicians playing on it.

“When I write I spend a lot of time thinking outside of myself. I wish I was more poetic,” said Tillo. “This experience was about learning to trust people musically and be patient. There’s a big talent pool in Boise and it’s great they want to play my music.”

Released on May 8, Tillo’s EP, simply titled EP, is four songs long but a slew of other musicians collaborated on the album, like Riley Johnson from Wend, Dan Kerr, Josh Lewis, Logan Hyde, and Chadrack and Tanner Tuck of Chief Broom. People can listen to the single “Sick of the Suck” on Bandcamp and download the full EP on Bandcamp, Spotify and Earthlibraries.

Originally, Tillo put the EP together intending to tour, but he said he always makes music for the community that he’s a part of and he tries to write his music objectively. “Sick of the Suck” is about social problems created by capitalism and how the commodification of music determines its worth.

Everything was tracked live and two of the songs on EP are first takes. He said he wanted to capture the energy when everyone is feeling the song out still while they’re playing it: “It’s a bit uncomfortable but I like that part.”

The EP may be short but it’s a great listen. Tillo has a sweet voice and his music moves around genres like Lo-fi, surf rock and experimental garage. He’s not really into categorizing his music anyway: He just likes to play.

“I don’t know what my music is. Sometimes it’s pretty, sometimes it has guitar,” he said. “I don’t know, I’m not trying to get people to listen to it based on what you call it. It’s just songs, hopefully pretty ones.”

—Tracy Bringhurst

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