Hailing from Perth, Australia, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is a troupe of rockers playing tripped-out acid rock in the Down Under. The music is far less complicated and confusing the band's name would suggest. Fuzzy guitars drive its fast-paced stoner rock, which is often accompanied by psyche…

Boise’s music scene has changed immensely in the past 20 years, and nobody knows that quite like punk rock band James Plane Wreck. After a short hiatus, the group is back, unwilling to let the current state of affairs stifle the excitement that comes with the release of its newest full-lengt…

Direction is a path someone moves in and although local musician Andrew Martin, founder of Up Is The Down Is The, uses a fairly ephemeral stage name, his musical direction is on point.

Every year, Alive After Five stands out as one of the most significant regular summer events in the City of Trees—a chance to cool down by the fountain, hang out with friends and, of course, listen to some of the finest jams organizer Downtown Boise Association can lure to the City of Trees.

Dale Hiscock, who records under the name Endless Atlas, is a local musician who mostly works by himself but has collaborated with an old friend, Brian Squillace, who records under the name Odd Relics

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