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A.k.a. Belle’s new single “A.M. Dew” releases Friday, Feb. 26.

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Boise band a.k.a. Belle always put out thoughtful music and projects, and now the band has a new single with accompanying video releasing on Friday, Feb. 26, titled “A.M. Dew.”

“The song, in essence, is that we are all spirit,” said singer Catherine Merrick. “We are all connected, we are more than these skin and bone forms, and we can transform, evolve, transcend and become so much more than we realize.”

The video goes live to stream at 10 a.m. Friday. The band also released a single titled “New Highs in Leadership” in November. A.k.a. Belle is also planning to release a limited edition lathe-cut vinyl featuring both of the songs available later this year.

Lathe-cut records are extra special because each one is hand-cut individually instead of using a master press. Each one has its own special uniqueness; it’s a really cool way to get one-of-a-kind vinyl.

“We wanted to have something that’s really special,” Merrick said. “Even though the song sounds the same, each one will be different for everyone.”

That idea works well with the kind of music and messages that a.k.a. Belle produces. The band includes Merrick on vocals, guitar and vibraphone; Sam Merrick on guitar and vocals; John “Bongos” Townsend on drums; Michael P. Waite on stand-up bass; and Kelsey Swope-Walker on guitar, percussion and vocals.

The band collectively writes music together, but “A.M. Dew” came from a dream Catherine Merrick had, she said it felt like an astral journey. She wrote it down as soon as she woke up and knew it would be a song.

“I notoriously have vivid dreams, and it was so beautiful, like sitting between two worlds,” she said. “In the dream I met up with a person I love but we were pure spirit, we weren’t hindered by our physicality.”

After the concept for the song, she came up with the melody and structure, and the other members wrote their own parts. Usually the band works all together, Merrick said, but for this song she had really strong feelings about how she wanted it to sound. “I wanted it to reflect the watery, ethereal, ‘swimming through the cosmos’ feel of the dream,” she said.

The song does have an ethereal quality to it and reflects a journey. It has a soft yet warm feel with certain harder guitar parts but those don’t ever distract from the feel of the song. The voices of Catherine Merrick and Swope-Walker harmonize sweetly.

“I always thought our voices were pretty together,” Catherine Merrick said. “We brought Kelsey in permanently, she’d sung with us before and we really wanted a multitalented back-up singer, and that’s just what she is.”

Catherine Merrick mostly filmed the video over the course of the summer, and she said that thematically it’s picking up on the visual aspects of the song. It’s meant to be like a journey, mimicking her dream. It opens with a person diving into a pool of water and gradually moves from sepia into full color.

People can stream the video and download a digital copy of the song “A.M. Dew” at and on Bandcamp.

Boise band a.k.a. Belle to release new single and video

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