Doug Martsch
Doug Martsch has released a new album of cover songs. 

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During the pandemic, music has been a bright light in an otherwise dark time. Shows have been on hiatus, but that hasn’t stopped musicians from creating new or recycled material. Boise local legend Doug Martsch of Built to Spill is releasing an album of covers from his side project, Boise Cover Band, that guest guitarist Ned Evett described as “a warm and bubbly album that was forgotten about.”

Created 17 years ago, Boise Cover Band sat on rich material that Martsch wanted to release. Martsch called up his friends in the summer of 2003 to his makeshift recording studio in his garage and ended up producing Unoriginal Artists. It’s filled with seven cover songs, and Unoriginal Artists is set to release on Friday, March 19. This is Martsch’s all-time favorite album and includes Ned Evett on his signature fretless guitar, Jon Mullin on guitar, Ian Waters on drums, and Doug Martsch on bass, vocals, guitars, keyboards and percussion. Martsch just released his cover of David Bowie’s famous song “Ashes to Ashes” on Jan. 15 to bring excitement to fans.

Evett, the inventor of the fretless glass-necked guitar was “overjoyed” to find out Unoriginal Artists was getting the “love it deserves.” Evett had some words of wisdom for local musicians in the industry: “Learn to record music, it all comes down to that.” Evett hopes that with the release of this album Boise Cover Band can play on the main stage at Treefort Music Festival.

— Fay Castronova

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