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Laika the Dog has a new video and an upcoming album release.

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Laika the dog was launched into space by the Soviet Union on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1957. She died in a few hours due to overheating but her journey paved the way for human spaceflight. Boise band Laika The Dog was taken by her story.

“It’s an offshoot of my band from Albuquerque that was called Sputniq,” said frontman Will Hall. “Me and Justin, the drummer, went down a Wikipedia hole and eventually found the story. I liked that it’s a tragic adventure story from Laika’s perspective and I have a lot of emo influence so I thought Laika’s story was a good fit for my music.”

Laika The Dog is Hall on vocals and guitar, Jake Lutz on the eight-string bass and Justin Arroues on drums. The band just released a video for its song “Places Unknown” off of a previous self-titled album released in 2018. It’s a hilarious kind of fun party video for fans to enjoy while they wait for the band’s upcoming project. People can view it and find all of the bands music at laikathedog.com.

Hall said the “Places Unknown” song is about getting lost on a space mission and following orders that end up getting you in trouble. “It’s basically about making due with what you’ve got and where you ended up.”

It was directed and filmed by Robby Peterson of Silver Matter Video. Lutz said the band really didn’t have a plan for the video going in but then it all came together. It’s set around a sunny pool where the band is running around and clearly having a good time. The song itself is a bit pop-punk with some harder elements that come through in places.

“Our sound is pop-punk, math rock with some heavier elements,” said Hall. “It’s kind of hard to pin down our sound because it flies around, we just have fun.”

The video is fun, a raucous party, and was made in part because the drummer had wrist surgery and the band knew it would be out of commission for a while. At first Arroues wasn’t even sure he’d be able to play again but so far the surgery’s been a success and the trio is looking forward to releasing an, as of yet, untitled upcoming album.

The band started with Hall who moved to Boise from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2014. He put out a five- song solo EP that he recorded in Arroues’ basement and the two started to play together followed by Lutz and previous members Patrick Misner and Jess Greaves.

The band went on hiatus after its first album and recently re-formed as a trio. The upcoming album will have the first songs the three worked on after coming back together.

“When we got back together we just really loved how it sounded as a three-piece,” said Lutz. “We decided we didn’t want to bother with another guitarist and this way my bass comes through better.”

The new album is a split with another local band Vinyl Knife that make instrumental, prog rock style music. Hall said they played a show together and the two bands sound fit together really well. It was mastered by Andy Agenbroad at the Chop Shop Studio. The band just received the master and now they’re in the phase of artwork and pressing, they’re hoping to have it released by summer 2021.

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