The slogan of the Midwestern city in which I grew up is branded forever in my brain: "The Little City With The Big Future."

Hear ye, hear ye, all knaves and lasses

As an artist and a businesswoman, Marilyn Lysohir draws from a deep well of ambitious creativity. Her ceramic installations, which are often astounding for their sheer size, evolve from very personal points of inspiration into pieces that are overwhelming not just physically, but also in the…

Old wood-framed windows, when they have reached the end of their useful life, often end up gathering dust. But Kathleen Burns, the City of Moscow's new arts director, saw an opportunity for art when the original 50 windows from the third floor of Moscow's City Hall were replaced earlier this year.

Cordelia has been around since 1883, and has spent her life on the Palouse, surrounded by the wheat fields southeast of Moscow. She's old and well-loved, and some Palouse-area musicians are so inspired by her long history that they've jumped at the chance to serenade her with song.

Since the days when Jane Austen sat scribbling at her little desk when she was supposed to be doing needlework and making polite, restrained conversation, times have changed for creative women.

Prichard Art Gallery Exhibits Work of Johannesburg Native

Scores of singer-songwriters dream of performing live on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, and joining the likes of Greg Brown, Randy Newman and Mark Knopfler. Most never make it. This October, Moscow, Idaho, musician Charlie Sutton did.

Timber Stand Gallery Represents Western Artist

Starting a new private non-profit theater company in the Pullman-Moscow region, already blessed with several community theater groups and two university drama departments, might seem a little risky. But risk is what theater is all about for Moscow thespians Pam Palmer and John Dickinson.

"Oh, thank god," exclaimed Moscow writer Joan Opyr when we met and I informed her I had forgotten my camera. "No matter what I do, I always look like I just escaped from prison."

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If personalities were colors, Linda Rasmussen's would be light sage or robin's egg blue. She speaks softly, moves gently and exudes calmness and grace, the impression strengthened by her willowy frame and hip-length silver mane of hair. But when it comes to her artwork, she favors shades of …

LCSC Names Interim Development and Programming Coordinators To Arts Center

Coeur d'Alene Seeking Public Input on Public Art

For decades, Moscow has been firmly established as one of the most vibrant and thriving artistic centers in Idaho. Through a highly supportive and talented community of teachers, students, artists and patrons, Moscow has been a creative locus, unmatched in the area. Painters, sculptors, illu…

When we think of the visual arts in Idaho, we tend to think of the thriving, packed arts communities in and around Boise and Sun Valley. And while it is true that those places act as Idaho's arts nerve centers, there are also quite a few artists and art galleries up North. Perhaps the vibran…

Charlie Russell Painting Sets Records at the Coeur d'Alene Art Auction in Reno

It's hard to say what it means exactly to be an Idaho writer, but whatever it means, Kim Barnes is it. The genuine article. She was born in Lewiston in 1958 and grew up in the small logging towns of Pierce and Headquarters. All three of her books-two memoirs entitled In the Wilderness and Hu…

Coeur d'Alene's second Friday Art Walk is on hold for a short while. The monthly gala of all-things-arts kicks off again for 2005 on April 8 in the streets of downtown CdA.

White supremacists. Survivalists. Trucks, guns, bacon grease and red meat. Any urbanite or city slicker that tells you that they don't think of at least one of those images when they hear the phrase "North Idaho"-well, they're just lying to you, partner. What can people possibly be left to t…