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As we pour back the last few ounces of 2022, we look forward to what’s on tap for the coming year. Prognostication works best when using a most-likely-to-occur approach rather than assigning meaning to chaos — more meteorology than tasseography. When reading the lacing (the foam or head residue) on a mostly-empty, beer-clean glass, I know that the most likely scenario to occur next is that I will order another round. When surveying the greater Boise beer scene, I see the following trends and areas of opportunity in the near future.

Having faced some challenging circumstances during the past few years, breweries have had to adapt to survive. Some of these adaptations are here to stay and set to expand — to-go/delivery options, online ordering, etc. Lessons learned should see a right-sizing of existing businesses via mergers and acquisitions, alternating proprietorships, contract brewing, and other synergistic solutions. Identifying white spaces will allow access to new opportunities and products: kegerator rental and replenishment services; homebrewing of commercial wort; and, blenderies are just a few untapped possibilities.

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