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Back in 2006, the Brewers Association launched American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) to support small and independent craft breweries. Each year, ACBW occurs during the second full week of May — the 2023 celebration is THIS week, May 15 — 21. In the intervening years, the craft beer industry has seen significant growth and change; however, one style continues to thrive: India Pale Ale (IPA).

In a world in which consumers demand perpetual novelty, trends come, and trends go, but hops spring eternal. With assistance from beer rating sites, Brewer’s Haven, and a few friends, I have chosen a selection of American IPAs to revisit during ACBW. The respective breweries have continuously produced these beers since or before 2006. Regardless of whether they’re labeled throwbacks or heritage pours, these selections represent a form of liquid time travel and remain relevant today based upon their inherent quality.

Having tasted, sold, brewed, named, blended, written and thought about, discussed, argued over, and judged barley’s finest use for over 15 years, I have opinions on the subject. Ultimately, I’m of the mind that if you like it, drink it. If not, don’t waste your liver money on it. Please contact me:

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