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For those who felt a hole the size of a sandwich in their stomachs when Bluebird closed, prepare to have it filled. Wild Plum Events owners Chef Alex Cardoza and Tara Morgan have opened weekday lunch counter Luncheonette on the Bench in Boise.

“We’ve had our catering in this location for the last three years.” said Morgan. “We make everything in-house and we wanted to sell it to the public.”

Luncheonette is located at 1621 N. Orchard St., and is open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Mondays-Fridays. The deli has ample outdoor seating with tables situated on the porch and side lawn. Morgan said the Luncheonette provides them with a way to try some more adventurous menu items. There are lunchtime staples on the menu, but Cardoza and Morgan will introduce seasonal items throughout the year depending on local availability.

Morgan said that their future goal was to open a deli alongside the catering business, but the pandemic changed the whole event industry. So they decided to fast forward the deli idea as a way to create more stability. The move will give Boise foodies a chance to try out Wild Plum's fare who wouldn't ordinarily be able to in an affordable way.

The flavors are upscale but the price point is reasonable. The deli uses ingredients from local farmers, bakers, ranchers and cheese-makers. Luncheonette also makes almost everything from scratch, from the deli meats to mustard and pickles. In addition to complex and satisfying flavor combinations, the deli has hearty vegetable sides like charred broccoli, roasted beet, and hazelnut and summer chickpea salads that pair well with the sandwiches.

The deli recently introduced five new menu items. One is a new in-house roasted turkey sandwich with a plum mustard that Morgan said is reminiscent of Thanksgiving without diving all the way in.

There’s a rabbit and pork terrine served with house pickles, a roast beef on an Acme confetti loaf, and two new desserts. A brioche bread pudding that's currently served with peaches and a flourless chocolate torte served with huckleberries contains ingredients the owners foraged themselves. The seasonal drinks like the huckleberry lemonade and hibiscus agave iced tea are definitely worth trying. Wine and beer are also available.

“We’ve always wanted to be more accessible to the general public and this is giving us the opportunity to do it,” said Morgan. “Like everyone right now in the industry, we’re just trying to get creative.”

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