For those who felt a hole the size of a sandwich in their stomachs when Bluebird closed, prepare to have it filled. Wild Plum Events owners Chef Alex Cardoza and Tara Morgan have opened weekday lunch counter Luncheonette on the Bench in Boise.

In the winter months of yore, festivals were dedicated to the Greek God Dionysus. Most likely the festivals celebrated the production and consumption of wine and included ritual offerings, dramatic competitions, performances and a lot of drinking. Wine season has since moved to the summer, b…

Donuts have always had a special place in Boise, and the variety of bake shops around town proves it. June 5 is the 80th National Donut Day, the holiday commemorating the incredibly famous Dutch treat, and Boise’s love affair with these sugary confections has plenty of stories of its own. Co…

On June 1, the Boise Farmers Market rolled out its Mobile Market program for the sixth year in a row. The Mobile Market runs from June to September, servicing 13 different sites around the Treasure Valley this year.

When Boise Weekly reached out to Ryeongmin Han about his new restaurant, Han's Chimaek, he made a request: that we explain the concept of chimaek, the Korean word that basically means "chicken and beer." We're happy to oblige. 

The owner of The High Note Cafe, Maria Bahruth, said when she saw what was happening with the COVID-19 pandemic she got scared, and instead of staying open, she opted to close the cafe’s doors until she had more information. She reopened it on April 27 for take-out, and now, Bahruth is focus…

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