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Out with the hamburgers and in with the tacos: Fiesta Chicken, which offers an affordable approach to Mexican home-style cooking, has opened a new location at 1450 S. Orchard St. in Boise.

“There are some dishes that have American elements,” said manager Janet Corona, “but always with a Mexican twist.”

The new location opened on Oct. 20 of this year, but the original Fiesta Chicken on Five Mile and Ustick roads has been around for 9 years. They are locally owned and operated by the Robles and Rodriguez families. Both locations are open Monday thru Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m., and Sundays from noon-5 p.m.

The chicken is grilled with a lot of flavor but isn’t overwhelmingly spicy. There are a lot of options on the menu ranging from chicken platters to burritos and salads. The sides range from Mexican style rice and beans, to coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. And although Mexican style chicken is what the restaurant does best, it also offers beef, vegetarian and kid-friendly choices.

“The chipotle chicken tacos and the grilled fiesta burrito are the most popular items,” said Corona. 

Both the tacos and the burrito come served with a side of chipotle ranch, a condiment that’s very popular with customers. However, all of the items sell quickly and different meats are constantly being rotated on the grill. If you’re planning to go at lunch or dinner, be prepared to wait because the restaurant runs at capacity.

Right now the owners are looking to hire more people at the new location to handle the business and are not taking any holiday orders yet. People can call the original location and place catering orders but it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“We are super busy at lunch and dinner time,” said Corona. “People can try to call in their orders but sometimes we are too busy to even answer the phone.”

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