In addition to being a credible, informative and entertaining media outlet, Boise Weekly is dedicated to being an engaged community member. We realize the power we have to set an example in our community, as well as the opportunityto reach a broad and diverse audience. Boise Weekly Community Fund was created to better leverage those assets. With our new program we hope to create a thorough, informative process through which an organization, business or event coordinator can apply for grants or matching funds offered by Boise Weekly. Our hope is that news of our giving extends to parts of the community we have yet to reach and continues to serve those whom we’ve long supported. Boise Weekly is a private enterprise and does not have any nonprofit association.

What is WE?

Each year, Boise Weekly donates approximately $200,000 to the community through grants, sponsorship and charitable financial donations. Boise Weekly Community Fund was established to help us better distribute that money to deserving organizations by pooling our resources—our time, our people and our money—to better benefit the community that we appreciate and support. There are two distinct components of our fund: Boise Weekly Cover Auction and Boise Weekly 50/50 Sponsorship Funding Program.

What is the Boise Weekly Cover Auction Grant?

Each week, on the cover of Boise Weekly is an original work by a local artist. Once each year, the public is afforded the opportunity to bid on those works at the highly anticipated annual Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction. The artists receive 30 percent of the bid price their work garners, and portion of the proceeds support our investigative journalism mission, specifically, our BW Watchdogs program—in the last 16 years, we've awarded more than $170,000 to arts organizations and individuals.

Instructions on how apply for a Boise Weekly Cover Auction Grant are below:

Individuals must submit a Cover Auction Grant Application and proposal. A panel will review the applications and select recipients, and the amounts will be based on net auction proceeds and panel recommendations.

Artists should submit at least two samples of work in original or digital format for review by the selection committee with application. The number of grants will be determined by the quality of applications received.

All grant proposals for Cover Auction 2020 proceeds must be submitted to Boise Weekly at 523 Broad St. by Friday, February 29, 2020 at 3 p.m. Winners will be announced in Boise Weekly after grant committee meets and makes grant determinations. All applicants will be informed. Grant funds will be distributed as follows: 50 percent upon receipt of project plan, the remainder upon receipt of Final Report and Financial Report.

What is the 50/50 Trade Funding Program

This is a matching program in which Boise Weekly will match the marketing budget for an applicant to help augment an existing plan to have the best promotion possible with Boise Weekly, boiseweekly.com and our other publications. Boise Weekly will review applications based on community credibility, suitability to Boise Weekly readership and how well your application aligns with the mission and goals of Boise Weekly. Applicants must be in good business standing with Boise Weekly and within the community. Deadline for the upcoming calendar year is Sept. 30, 2019 to be eligible for funds for 2020. All submissions are due in writing. Please send your 50/50 Funding Program application to Boise Weekly Community Fund, 523 Broad St., Boise, ID 83702.

You must submit a Final Report to Boise Weekly at the conclusion of the funding period (i.e. event, fiscal year) in order to be eligible to apply again. This renewal process will help ensure that we are both meeting our goals and the funding program is successful.

Boise Weekly will not exceed the amount that has been allocated each year for this program. Once funds have been fully allocated, no more applications will be taken for the year.

Both applications can be completed and submitted digitally to info@boiseweekly.com. Any other documentation that is submitted as part of your application should be mailed or dropped off at Boise Weekly 523 Broad Street, Boise, ID 83702. If you have any questions, please call Boise Weekly at 208.344.2055 or email info@boiseweekly.com.

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