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The Red Steer was a popular Idaho drive-in opened in the late '50s by Clair Hawkins and some of his brothers. It was a hit and at one time there were over 50 locations. The finger steaks were one of the biggest selling items and at some point Hawkins decided that making them every day at each location was too much and he started B and D Foods in 1972. The Red Steer franchises eventually all closed but B and D Foods is still in business today, making over 6,000 pounds of finger steaks a year. Another cool fact: the same family opened Hawkins Pac-Out, which is still open on Bogus Basin Road. For those filled with nostalgia, The Record Exchange has got you covered. They carry Red Steer t-shirts made from a local company called the Way Back Crew. The shirts are $24.99 each and the company makes a lot of other throwback designs too, they even take suggestions if you have an idea for a shirt.

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