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We at Boise Weekly have heard the same reports: Grocery stores have been running out of tissues, hand sanitizer, face masks and toilet paper as people barricade themselves in their homes against coronavirus. Now that Treefort has rescheduled, you know the situation is serious, but panic never helps anyone. To help save Boise the embarrassment of running out of TP during the Plague Times, invest in a bidet. There are plenty of options available at Boise-area stores and online that will keep you squeaky clean even after the authorities turn off the power (many are non-electric), and because they use water instead of chemically treated paper, they are more environmentally friendly by a mile. There are many options available, from low-cost, easy-to-install add-ons to your existing toilet; to more permanent, porcelain solutions. Places to look include Creative Kitchen and Bath in Boise, Amazon, or anywhere else commodes are sold.

—Harrison Berry

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