Thara Fashions

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Rita Thara and her mother Veronique, have brought the bright colors and styles of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Boise since 2012. Veronique has years of experience in the fashion industry as a business owner, model and stylist. Rita was destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, as she began showing interest in Veronique’s work by the time she was six years old. The mother-daughter duo dream up uniquely stunning clothes, accessories, and handbags, which are made from intricate imported African fabrics and are sold on their online store, Thara Fashions. Veronique first learned how to sew bags from the organization Artisans for Hope, a non-profit that helps refugees gain skills that will help them in their new country. Rita soon followed suit, and the team has been creating modern pieces that showcase their traditional African roots ever since.

—Sonora Birnie

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