Papusas A&J Restaurant

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Pupusas originate from El Salvador and Hondoras and are linked to the Pipil tribe. There’s evidence that they were being made over 2000 years ago, but thanks to Pupusas A&J’s restaurant in Caldwell people in the Treasure Valley don’t have to travel that far to try these delicious, filled flatbreads. The pupusa is the national dish of El Salvador, probably because it’s so incredibly tasty, and can be filled in a variety of ways from beans and cheese to pork and jalapenos. It’s traditionally accompanied by hot sauce and a spicy, cabbage style slaw. At A&J’s, pupusas start at $2 and go up to $3.50, so be prepared to get more than a few, but two will fill a person up. The restaurant also serves tamales, fried plantains with black beans and cream and a slew of tasty and imported soft drinks. For people in Boise it may seem like a bit of a drive, but it sure is worth it

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