The cafe mocha from Slow By Slow Coffee.

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A delicious cup of coffee is worth its weight in gold and if it's a mocha — maybe even a little more. The name cafe mocha or mochaccino comes from the city of Mocha, Yemen, one of the first big coffee trading places. The mocha at Slow By Slow, located at 403 S. 8th St. in downtown Boise does an excellent job with this drink. The coffee shop gets its chocolate from Dandelion Chocolate, a single origin chocolate store based in San Francisco. Further, the particular style they use is 70% dark chocolate ganache and Slow By Slow mixes it in-house with coconut milk. The result is a drink that's not too sweet and not too bitter … a perfect morning go-to or afternoon pick-me-up. The shop also carries a variety of other beverages with fancy flavors one might not expect, like its Blueberry Rooibos iced tea made with rooibos, elderberries, hibiscus, currants, blueberry and Schisandra berries. The mocha can be made hot or iced and is $6 for a 12-ounce and $6.50 for the 16-ounce iced version. 

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