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Cucumber mint Luxe Bar.

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Lather in all-natural ingredients from a small Boise online business. Luxe Lather sells body butter, candles, body wash, body scrubs, cuticle oils, and face masks. Designed by Boise locals, Luxe Lather specializes in bar soaps that are made from organic, natural ingredients, and all handmade. The scent of Luxe's amazing smelling bar soaps rotate. The online store is currently offering; cucumber mint, fuzzy pear, oakmoss/myrrh, bergamot/grapefruit, and a summer thyme l bar that has notes of peach, grapefruit, and thyme. All of them are made with essential oils and the cucumber mint is delightfully refreshing, and only $10. It's made from fresh cut cucumbers, peppermint herb, mint, cucumber seed oil and peppermint essential oil. Available at  

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