Cheef Vape Cartridge

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Vape pens are the purveyors of dank clouds, and with flavors like fire engine red and bruise purple, they've transformed the activity of taking a drag. The CBD vape pen, however, has changed the game. Mention you're puffing on one, and it's bound to start a conversation. "My mom uses that," people say. "I give my dog CBD treats for separation anxiety." 

That coincides with the increased availability of the stuff, and along with it, raised quality. The Cheef Botanicals cartridge touts itself as comprising organic ingredients. Beyond cannabidiol (CBD), they contain terpenes—compounds that give every hit a fainting resiny aftertaste. Naturally occurring in many plants, they are touted as enhancing the effect of the CBD on everything from anxiety and stress to pain and nausea. Made with a "full-spectrum" hemp extract, they come in a variety of flavors. Pro tip: Try the blackberry. Vape pen not included.

—Harrison Berry

The Honey Pot CBD, $25 for a 200 mg cartridge

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