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If you live or work in downtown Boise, you've probably stopped in at least once to Bodega Boise, the cool rad neighborhood market right next to Mulligans. Why do I say it's cool and rad? For one, it's got a pinball machine! But it's also got some great stuff to buy, from the basics to things you didn't know you needed or wanted but once you see them, you're like "yes, please."

For instance, you can get a handmade fishing lure, a coloring book for grownups — or a Bonsai Tree Growing Kit that has everything you need to grow a Japanese Black Pine: seeds, growing medium, a mini-greenhouse and a detailed how-to. Plus, it's guaranteed. Hundred percent. The Jonsteen Company is "happy to provide free replacement seed" if you have a seed germinating fail or if your little seedling doesn't make it.

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