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By now, most people in Boise know that the old Ranch Club in Garden City was sold and a new LGBTQ+ owned bar called Somewhere has taken its place. But maybe people don’t know how important a space like this is to the community and how Somewhere is giving people that felt mostly out of place in conservative Idaho, a place to call home. Every time someone walks in, the bartender says, “welcome home” and the owners said it’s had a profound effect on people who’ve felt like there wasn’t a bar for them in the Treasure Valley.

“Gay people are accepted everywhere until you’re being gay,” said co-owner Rob Covert. “If you’re hugging and kissing or showing affection you are made to feel uncomfortable at a lot of places. We are a gay-owned bar. We want everyone in the LGBTQ+ community to feel safe and welcome to be who they are.”

Covert said it took he and other co-owner Eli Russell two years to get the space for the bar figured out. He said they knew the Lucky Dog was closing, one of the few gay bars in the city. He kept telling the real estate agent, “I just want to find somewhere in Boise,” and then when they found the space in Garden City they just took the Boise off, and Somewhere was born.

“There are gay-friendly bars but that’s not just what we need,” said Covert. “We all need our space, going on a date in a regular bar and holding hands can be scary and this is a space where we can hold hands and be who we are.”

Covert said many gay-friendly bars can just feel like they tolerate the LGBTQ+ presence and he feels like it’s just not enough. He’s been an entrepreneur all his adult life and owned several businesses in Boise. He and Russell had worked at previous jobs together and they just decided to open a bar.

Somewhere may have just opened but with Pride happening this month, the bar is busy with events. They will be hosting a Queer idol contest and in addition the bar has Open Mic nights for comedy on Sundays, karaoke on Tuesday nights, Ladies night is Wednesdays and open stage night once a month. The bar is getting a website together but for updates on days and events people can check the Facebook page.

The bar employs people from all facets of the LGBTQ+ community.

Somewhere Bar also has a commissary kitchen where people can come and rent the kitchen by the hour, it’s open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. People who rent the kitchen can also serve food through a window. The bar takes no profits from the sales and anyone who wants more information can contact Covert through the Facebook page for now.

“We just wanted to make sure our community was recognized here in Boise,” said Covert. “We’re here and have a place that’s safe and welcoming to everybody, even straight people, as long as they know this is a gay establishment.”

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