It’s come full circle for David Mckinzie III.

The former Boise State football player turned entrepreneur is seeing a return to the collegiate team. No, he’s not donning the protective gear needed for the gridiron. Instead, he’s returning to the Broncos with suits.

Mckinzie, the founder of DMac Enterprises, represents brands and handles media and marketing. He handles the branding for Boise State University and Reveal Suits, the tailors for the upcoming Arizona Bowl.

The Boise State Broncos face the Central Michigan Chippewas on Dec. 31 at the Arizona Bowl. This is Boise State’s first trip to the game held in Tuscon, now in its seventh year.

Reveal Suits, a Texas business, specializes in custom suits and blazers with officially licensed lining on the inside. The business has teamed up with Barstool Sports, the sponsors of the game, to give specialized suits to each player and coach.

“I became their spokesman,” Mckinzie said. “Here I am a former football player giving something back to my team.”

Reveal Suits partners with over 40 collegiate teams, the Big 12 Conference, a basketball hall of fame and more, said owner and CEO Carlton Dixon. He got the idea when watching an NBA draft and seeing how creative the players were in representing their school colors. He created Reveal Suits so that pride could be worn when dressed to the nines.

“It creates a different sense of confidence,” Dixon said. “There’s something about all these guys throwing on these suits. It creates a new level of confidence.”

Mckinzie was a walk-on for the Broncos. He admits he didn’t have a ton of playtime but he saw his role on the team as lifting up his teammates — something he’s continued with his career.

Mckinzie didn’t ask for the title of “Voice of Boise,” it was just something someone called him that seemed to stick. He then started a social media program titled “The Voice of Boise Show,” with the focus on talking to local business owners and elevating his community.

“Boise has molded me into who I am. It’s an honor,” Mckinzie said. “My whole business is about putting others in the spotlight. Trying to promote people and elevate them. That really touches me.”

The Arizona Bowl will be streamed through Barstool Sports showing it on its website, app and social media platforms. The game starts with a noon kickoff.