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A student at Washington State University was taken into custody Saturday following some tense moments at the Pullman, Wash. campus, where the student allegedly made a series of death threats and said he had a bomb.

KHQ-TV reports that the incident occurred just before noon Pacific Time at the WSU recreation building. 

"He confronted two females and said something to the effect of, 'This is for all of you. All of us are going to die. WSU students are going to die,'" WSU Police Lt. Michael Larsen told KHQ-TV. 

Hundreds of students were evacuated while police investigated, but they didn't find any evidence of a bomb and no one was injured.

A student subdued the suspect as police arrived on the scene.

"He saw the cops show up and turned around and started running," said sophomore Kyle Oliver, who added that his ROTC instincts kicked in. "And that's when I just reacted and went after him because I realized the cops weren't going to be as quick And I just chased him down right here and tackled him until the police came."

Police said the suspect, Dmitry Dementyev, will undergo a mental health evaluation and could face felony harassment charges.

Meanwhile, students say they're concerned that the university's text alert system didn't send out a message about the threat until 1:56 p.m., a full two hours after the incident. 

"It would have been really good to know and be informed of what was happening," said student Brenna Kelly. 

Officials said the alert system "was a little slow."

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