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One of the more entertaining columns for readers of the Lewiston Tribune to read each morning if reporter Ralph Bartholdt's rundown of that region's police blotters.

And this morning's edition has a real gem:

"Holding a neighbor's puppy with one hand, while threatening to kill the dog with the assault rifle he held in his other hand, a Lewiston man told his neighbor he had every right to protect his family."

The Tribune reports that the "Rambo wannabe" told the unsuspecting pet owner that he was justified "by using violent, unreasonable force against the neighbor's boxer puppy." At first the dog owner laughed, thinking the whole thing was a joke; that is, until he realized that the gunman meant business.

"Police cited the gun wielder for being unneighborly," reports the Tribune.

By the way, Monday's police blotter also included a report of drugs after midnight in Moscow, a man bitten by a horse in Nez Perce County and someone tampering with license plates at a ballgame.

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