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Trustees of the Idaho State Board of Education met in Moscow Wednesday, and the top bit of business was consideration of what students (or parents) will be forking over in tuition in the coming years.

Ultimately, trustees approved some of the lowest tuition increases in years. 

Boise State University was granted a 3.5 increase in undergraduate resident tuition and fees. The University of Idaho and Eastern Idaho Technical College were also granted 3.5 percent increases.

Idaho State University was given the OK for a 3.3 percent bump and Lewis-Clark College tuition will increase 1.7 percent.

For the better part of two decades, Idaho's public universities and colleges have been granted a series of tuition increases, often more than 5 percent and, on occasion, into the double-digits, saddling more students and families with mounting debt. But prior to this week's meeting, Board of Ed trustees cautioned Idaho public universities and colleges not to request increases of more than 3.5 percent. 

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