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[image-1]UPDATE:  April 16, 2015  1 p.m.

Lewiston Police have identified the hero who pulled a driver from an SUV April 15, as the vehicle was dangling from the edge of a canyon.

It was 29-year-old Jason Warnock of Lewiston who appeared on the scene, rescued the driver of the vehicle, and left.  Police have since identified Warnock and thanked him for his heroic efforts.

ORIGINAL POST: April 16, 2015  9 a.m.

Law enforcement officials say they still don't know the name of the hero who rescued a man from a vehicle dangling off the edge of a Lewiston canyon April 15.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports on the incident with an amazing photo showing the unidentified man pulling a Lewiston driver from the car, which perilously teetered over the lip of Lewiston's Bryden Canyon.

The driver, 23-year-old Matthew Sitko, says the man probably saved his life. Police say Sitko lost control of his GMC Yukon in the morning hours of April 15 before crashing through a yard and two terraces and rolling toward the canyon's edge.

Witnesses said the man broke the passenger side window of Sitko's vehicle and pulled Sitko from the wreck. Sitko was transported to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries and the hero slipped into obscurity... at least until friends and neighbors identify him to the press.

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