Best Courtroom Drama

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We were well aware of what had been happening inside the walls of the Idaho state prison complex south of Boise—a systemic cover-up of inadequate medical health services, record tampering and the mysterious movement of prisoners in-and-out of so-called "dry cells," described as "barbaric" by a court-ordered investigator. But when U.S. District Court Judge David Carter handed down a landmark ruling on August 11th, even we were surprised at how blistering his comments were. Citing behavior Carter said, "crosses the line," the federal judge wrote "attempts to mislead the Court strike at the heart of the judicial process and cannot be ignored." IDOC Director Kevin Kempf insisted, "We have nothing to hide," adding the events were in the past. But Boise attorney Andrew Schoppe, lawyer for the key witness in the federal court hearing, said, "Going forward, the court is forever going to be skeptical. I don't see this going well for them. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

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