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The average word-processing program comes with dozens, if not hundreds of available fonts. And as the average person scans past them, trying one or two here or there, they don't think about them much on average.

But fonts are both an image that communicates a static piece of data—the letter or number or symbol—and an interpretation of that data that colors it emotionally. The care and thought that goes into their design, creation and high-level implementation is staggering. The wrong font can turn words against the writer, making them mean something else altogether. Try typing a love letter in comic sans if you need proof.

Though we think of written text simply as a means of communicating words, it also communicates aesthetically: Text is art.

Text Messages, a new art show in the offices of Boise State Public Radio, seeks to call attention to the artistic qualities of text.

Organized by the Treasure Valley Artists Alliance, the show will include more than 50 pieces spanning multiple medias, all of them featuring text. The text can be in any language, it can be clear or muddled, it can be numbers or anagrams or collages or symbols, just so long as some form of text is included.

The show will open on Friday, Jan. 20, and run through Thursday, April 5. There will be a public reception from 5-8 p.m. on opening night with many of the artists on hand to discuss their work.