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Note: The Boise Weekly is launching a new monthly series called MMM...Art, which highlights the artist exhibit at The Flying M in downtown Boise.

In this month’s feature, meet Benjamin Hunt, a local artist, Boise born, who has a bachelor of fine arts from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. He wrote in his artist statement that his paintings are “reflections of time and mood inside of evolving environments. Representations of visual texture and patterns emotionally convey graphic structures of fauna throughout his work.”

He has also shown his work at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue, Washington and internationally at The Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain, and the International Contemporary Art fair in Kirchberg, Luxembourg.

“Somewhere between Siberia and Japan is a floating cloud made of fabric hearts, abstract paintings, acrylic mandalas, tea pots, chandlers and boutiques from other realms,” Hunt wrote. “The idea of my exhibition links conjunction and duality of dispositions, clarifying territories to a new realized tranquility. The paintings change the mythical into the physical, while the symbols are your navigation through my dreamscape of these two places. Sun is a Wolf and Moon is a Dragon, is a phrase I used to translate celestial forces to animal spirits, connecting far reaching energies to recognizable sources. The phrase is intertwined throughout the work in personal, codependent responses.”

His work will be on display at the Flying M in downtown Boise throughout the month of April.

Meet artist Benjamin Hunt

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