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<p> The creative collective, Apples and Oranges, will unveil their fourth group show at the Alexa Rose Gallery in the courtyard of the Idaho Building this First Thursday. Titled "Steal This Feeling," the exhibit's curator Jenny Rice decided to take a more traditional approach to organizing the show than she has in the past. </p> <p> "We decided to go about it a little bit differently this time," explained Rice. "Instead of having a group of artists who were making art, which we all piled together, we asked for proposals this time. We gave the show a name and had people apply with their proposals." </p> <p> What resulted is a collection of familiar faces and new artists, including: April Vandegrift, Lisa Arnold, Alexa Howell, Jenny Rice, Loren Reed, April Hoff, Krista Muir, Daniel Curry, Jason Willford and Shay Plummer. </p> <p> Some quirky highlights include Hoff's close-up digital portraits of gummy bears, Muir's dress made of nails and feathers, Plummer's playing-card-sized drawings, Rice's vintage postcards with kitschy, googley-eyed faces and part three of Arnold's paper instillation. </p> <p> "It's the same exact paper that [Arnold] used in the first show and the second show ... it's just getting more crinkly and less crisp as she uses it more," explained Rice. "So she's basically adapting to how the medium has changed." </p> <p> Another important change for feeling thieves to keep in mind: the show is only up for one night this go 'round. Which means you've only got three hours on First Thursday to get the goods while the gettin' is good. </p> <p> <i>Thursday, Sept. 3, 6-9 p.m., FREE, Gallery Alexa Rose, 280 N. Eighth St., Ste. 118.</i> </p>

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