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In 1973 I traveled around Nepal with a friend to assist the Nepali school system. We lived and ate like locals, immersed in a beautiful country which seemed more like what I imagined medieval Europe to have been than anything I had previously experienced. Coming home to Boise was a shock. Once I had to flee the Vista Albertsons, traumatized by the overwhelming, implausibly ridiculous, immense piles of stuff. I was seeing my home with the eyes of a stranger.

Immigrants to America are “strangers in a strange land” who view their new country not only through their own past experiences, but also through their idealized hopes for their future. This is the context of Willem Volkersz’s 25-Year retrospective, curated by Brandon Reintjes of the Missoula Museum of Art, “The View From Here,” on view at the Boise Art Museum.

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