Story Story Night

Pour your heart out. 

Pour your heart out.

In a lot of latter-day shows, Story Story Night has spiced things up by adding themes: constellations, metals and, most recently, decades. On Tuesday, Dec. 10, it will return to its classic form—just raw storytelling, sans the thematic frosting. Hosted by Jen Adams, Slam Night will take over the Gem Center for the Arts’ Lounge at the End of the Universe, and anyone can sign up to tell their tales. Did a nasty breakup uncover and unlooked-for opportunity? Who really ate all the decorative candy canes festooning the Christmas tree? What really happened to the cat with the bobbed tail at the end? There are no featured storytellers, just mysteries revealed, heart-wrenching truths unearthed and punchlines dropped. Though technically an all-ages, family friendly event, anyone is welcome to tell any story, and there’s no accounting for language or content, making Slam Night a grab bag of excellence.

7 p.m. $6. The Gem Center for the Arts, 2417 Bank Dr., Boise,

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