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Welcome to “behind the scenes,” where Boise Weekly takes you, well, behind the scenes. It could be behind the scenes of anything or anywhere, we’ll even take requests. This time, we go behind the (art) scenes and get a first-hand look at what it’s like to hang an art show.

Local artist Noble Hardesty, who’s created bar coaster art for 25 years, co-founded Swell Artist Collective, and has two shows of his own coming up — one at Art in the Park, Sept. 10, 11, 12 and another Oct. 1 at the Visual Arts Collective — also curates a rotating gallery on the walls at KIN. “We change out artists seasonally,” said Hardesty. The artist for the next two months is Christine Raymond. Hardesty said KIN’s owners were especially stoked on Raymond’s works, which often feature a Midas touch. “I frequently combine painted sections of atmospheric color with gilded sections of gold leaf,” Raymond says in her artist statement. The KIN connection? “Kin” means gold in Japanese. Raymond will also be gracing an upcoming BW cover Aug. 25.

—Jeanne Huff

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