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In the early morning or at dusk, those liminal moments when day and night meet before one becomes the other, Sue Schaper can be seen walking her dog on the streets and along the back alleys of downtown Caldwell, stopping to look and taking snapshots with her cell phone camera. “Dog walking is a good cover …” for stopping and looking, she tells me. These times of day are the perfect “… moments of dark lucidity,” a phrase I cropped from the elegant artist’s statement accompanying her exhibition, “Disappearances.” Sue Schaper’s photographs are on view at the Rosenthal Gallery of Art at Blatchley Hall on the campus of The College of Idaho now until Jan. 27, 2023.

“I could see things before I could read,” Schaper told me while walking through her exhibition. With nothing to do but look as she rode the school bus for an hour each way from her northern Iowa farm, she became “visually attentive to patterns and shadows and … subtlety in landscape of seeming sameness.”

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