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The art exhibit this month at the Flying M is titled “Vibrancy and Vibrations” by Tori Ross. An Idaho artist, Ross holds a degree in Visual Arts from Boise State.

According to the artist’s statement, the exhibit will feature some of Ross’s most exploratory works. The exhibit being thematically focused on light and color. People can find more information on the art at the Flying M’s website and at

“I find the back bone of my work to be an expression of light and color. Each painting is inspired by the sublime experience of sight and observation,” wrote Ross in an artist’s statement. “I explore relationships between elements such as land and sky, water and life, light and shadow. I believe light can be a language. Broken up into a spectrum, each wavelength its own vibe, creating movement. The way color and light speak to me is part of why I am so inspired by nature, as light moves across a landscape the colors will change dramatically. Atmosphere plays a big part in what the world looks like, each day is a new lens. The interaction of color and value in my work create an optic experience, tricking the eye to see movement in the still image, the colors vibrate and jump off the canvas. My intention is to create paintings that use color to go beyond the edges of the canvas to command the light within a space, to catch and play with the eye.”

The exhibit runs through June.

Tori Ross

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