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Rediscovered Books has transformed itself into more than just a bookstore—it has become a place for people to host relevant conversations about pressing issues. The bookstore hosts multiple virtual events each month in which patrons can attend book clubs, writers workshops or even listen to authors talk about their work. There are nine events scheduled for July alone.

“I think it's important for institutions like Rediscovered Books to be able to be a place where people can find information and ask questions and can learn more and be more informed,” Events Coordinator Rebecca Leber-Gottberg said.

One of these events is a conversation on climate change. On Tuesday, July 7, the downtown bookstore will host a virtual conversation with Richard Lazarus, author of The Rule of Five: Making Climate Change History at the Supreme Court, a book that discusses the history of the landmark United States Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. EPA.

According to Leber-Gottberg, Lazarus will virtually sit down with Dr. Samantha Ruscavage-Barz of the WildEarth Guardians to talk about the environmental safeguards that came about because of the SCOTUS decision and the changes to these safeguards that have occurred under Donald Trump’s administration.

Leber-Gottberg said the event’s relevance goes beyond just talking about climate change. The Rule of Five also dissects the long and arduous process of pushing a suit all the way to the Supreme Court, and she said the discussion of ordinary people driving government policy is especially pertinent in the Black Lives Matter-era.

“It's not something that has to happen in closed-door rooms with politicians or people with a lot of money,” she said. “People themselves can be a very valuable part in making government policy and influencing government policy and change.”

The event is free and open to the public, though registration is required via CrowdCast. The broadcast is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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