Know your rights.

Your Rights with Police Interactions

They’re the famous last words of the criminal procedural baddie as an officer ducks them into the back of a squad car: “I know my rights!” Not every person who ends up squeezed into a cop car is guilty—and seldom do they actually know their rights. Fill that knowledge gap with Your Rights with Police Interactions, a seminar that will be conducted by the Law Office of Mitchell R. Aguilar. The hour-long course will teach attendees what police can and can’t do during common interactions with the public. The syllabus is based on the key points of the Criminal Procedure law school course. Just 20 seats are available, but if the event is filled to capacity, it will be streamed online. Reach out to mitchell@aguilardefense.attorney to save a seat or find out more.

5:30 p.m. $10. Law Office of Mitchell R. Aguilar, Key Bank Building, Ste. 1100, Boise, aguilardefense.attorney.

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