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Boise is entering see-and-be-seen season, which got us here at Boise Weekly thinking: How can we help? Enter BW Backtalk, a print forum where folks can say their piece about who they saw, who saw them, or at whom they'd like to wag their fingers.

The tool is simple and easy to use. Just click on the BW Backtalk button on, which will take you to a short form that asks for your full name, email address, a suggested headline and your short message, up to 50 words in length. 

Then, click on the category drop tab, where you'll find "You Caught My Eye," "You May Have Seen Me" and "You Know Who You Are." Hit "Submit" and you're done.

Starting in the issue of Wednesday, June 24, we'll run the best and brightest of your submissions as a regular feature of Boise Weekly

Now, there are a few ground rules. Don't swear, write about violence or use sexually explicit language. We also ask that entries not trash-talk public figures or directly identify other people. We also reserve the rights to edit entries for length and style before publication.

So feel free to give a shout-out to someone you saw on the street, remind a friend of that stunt you pulled, dole out kudos or give you-know-who a what-for!

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